Newmarket-Tay Power is proud to announce the following recipients of the 2018 Newmarket-Tay Power Community Scholarship
Awards for Community Service and Excellence in Science & Technology

The Community Scholarship may be used to support college or university studies as well as training in apprenticeship programs. The Science Scholarship is to support students undertaking post-secondary science, engineering or technology studies. At the discretion of the nominating schools, the awards may be advanced directly to selected post-secondary institutions or programs on behalf of scholarship recipients. Students do not have to apply as they will be automatically considered for these awards by their schools.

Newmarket-Tay Power believes that fostering awareness among young people of the value of community service as well as the importance of science and training is central to building a culture of socially responsible energy choices. We are proud to provide these scholarships to exemplary students and support their inspiring commitment to their future and ours.